Obstacle Course

From the Streets of Dublin

Episode Summary

Christine Ryan was born to a single mother with Cerebral Palsy and shortly after was given up to an Orphanage where she spent nearly a year in very bleak conditions. She was eventually adopted and raised on a street in the North side of Dublin, "where no-one would ever dream of going to College." When Christine turned 20, she was diagnosed with a severe form of Rheumatoid arthritis leaving her bed-ridden and in despair. Doctors told her she would never live a normal life. Christine considered giving up by giving into her diagnosis. One day, she decided to get up and live life on her own terms. You won't believe what happened next! This episode will inspire you to push past your limits and create your own luck. The Luck of the Irish! This! Is Obstacle Course. Let's Go!

Episode Notes

Notes from Introduction

Fiona led John astray. Apparently there is a Seaside Cottage right beside the Pub. The Pub owner could have at least told me, "ohh you might be thinking of the Seaside Cottage which are right there." Which we weren't. Regardless... he makes a mean local pint.

The Sound of Confidence was a shoutout to the excellent Episode 13 with Rosemarie.

Andrew runs Twist of Fate Craft Cocktails with his lovely partner Sarah. Incredible local business serving up local pints and recipes for your next event.

Andrew is a trained, certified and excellent coach. Whether you need wisdom for your next business move or how to be a better driver, Andrew can show you the way!

Jason's excellent episode was episode 8 not 10. Jason also referred to learning not to chase success but accept yourself for who you are.

Christine Ryan is an excellent Realtor with Sotheby's International Realty Canada. You can connect with her here!

Steve Collins grew up on the same street as Christine and later became a world champion boxer! The Celtic Warrior!

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a short-term therapy technique that can help people find new ways to behave by changing their thought patterns. Without a doubt, it changed Christine's life.

"One cannot be fulfilled by externalities." - Christine Ryan

Rhematoid Arthritus occurs when your immune system mistakenly attacks your own body's tissues. There are varying degrees of the disease.

Hamsters in the bath tub. Think about it folks. :)