Obstacle Course

Rebuilding Identity: An Olympic Journey

Episode Summary

Imagine experiencing your greatest failure while the world was watching? In 1988, Canada's Olympic rowing team was in Seoul set to defend their gold medal when the unthinkable happened and they finished dead last. Jason Dorland was 24 at the time and found his life shattered. Join us for this thought provoking, inspiring and transformative conversation about identity, ego, competition, coaching and Jason's journey to become whole. This! Is Obstacle Course. Let's row!

Episode Notes

Here's Jason's website. Jason offers high performance coaching and would be a great keynote speaker for your next event.

Here's Jason's next event. We'll be recording at this event and interviewing entrepreneurs so get your tickets, invest in yourself and experience a day of transformation - this Friday at Bear Mountain Resort. Also, you can drop by the podcast and chat with us!!

Jason's great question.. "How can this be the best thing that ever happened to us?"

David Meggyesy, the NFL linebacker who later became a good friend of Jason's, wrote the tell-all book Out of Their League. An excellent article which compares his stand to today's anthem protests can be found here.

Robyn Meagher was a whole person before the gun went off. She now helps others become whole too. We hope Robyn will come on the podcast one day. Robyn! Robyn! Robyn!

Robyn's transformative quote.

"Our being is the currency of our doing."