Obstacle Course

Loving Past Our Fears

Episode Summary

For episode 61 we sat down with Toni King- Rose and discussed his work as a 21 year old funeral director. One week into his training, Toni saw a gap and decided to pursue End of Life Care for the Trans community. In this conversation, we discuss Toni's decision as a 15 year old to embrace his true identity, the week with his Grandma that changed his life and why he gives his life to death. This! Is Obstacle Course. Let's Go.

Episode Notes

How do we talk about stuff we don't talk about? We talk about it. Just don't avoid it.

Want to feel emboldened like John. Get over yourself and connect with someone else.

"It's always been in my nature to care for people so once I found out what a funeral director does, I dove in." Toni

Six Feet Under is an excellent/ spectacularly depressing HBO TV show that follows a family of funeral directors.

Toni started Trans Death Care after his first week of school for funeral directing. He saw a need and filled it. 

Funeral Boss Inc!

You can connect and follow Toni on his very active Instagram Page.

"It's not a box, it's more of a spectrum." Toni.

Toni's family minimized his transition saying things like.."you'll always be our little girl." They also insinuated that he was doing it for attention. 

Toni's courage is connected to his values. The key is caring more about the needs of others then our own fear.