Obstacle Course

The Struggle is Real

Episode Summary

What happens when the podcast becomes the obstacle? Join Andrew and John as they discuss the struggle of launching a good podcast and then cringe/lean in when John walks out mid-recording. Enjoy this highly vulnerable, somewhat embarrassing yet deeply satisfying episode. You'll learn doing what you love is seldom easy but always worth it. This! Is Obstacle Course. Let's Go! Be sure to check out the show notes for extra goodies!

Episode Notes

The meditation apps mentioned in this episode are Headspace and Waking Up with Sam Harris. Daily sessions for each run about 10 min. We would recommend Headspace for beginners and Waking Up for those that wish to go deeper. Sam is a neuro-scientist and also provides compelling companion lessons.

Seth's Podcast Fellowship!

The books mentioned in this episode have inspired Andrew and John in countless ways and lie at the heart of this podcast.

The War of Art!

The Obstacle is the Way!

Far Out Podcast

Hope Initiative Podcast

Here is John's blog.