Obstacle Course

The Road to Miss Universe

Episode Summary

For our 25th episode, we sit down with Miss Universe Canada finalist, Sara Winter. We ask Sara hard hitting questions about the modelling industry, the nature of Beauty Pageants, Miss Universe Canada, Social Media, self esteem, the nature of beauty, the over sexualization of female athletes and her goal of winning Miss Universe AND making it as a professional golfer! Sara shows great vulnerability in this episode and speaks openly about her journey as a person and how she's learned to love herself for who she is. Spots and all. This! Is Obstacle Course. Miss Universe Edition.

Episode Notes

Our fact check has revealed the "hustle for worthiness" quote was Brene Brown.
That said, John is sure Pema Chodron said it as well.

Stormin Norm Jackson is the general manager and “head pro” at the Cowichan Golf and Country Club, Norm has also earned multiple industry awards with his team at the club’s Golf Shop, and has twice been honoured as the BC PGA Pro of the Year. He has also been an important mentor in Sara's Life.

The Inner Game of Golf.

Here are the 3 meditation apps we discussed and highly recommend Calm Headspace and Waking Up.

Andrew is not Trump's biggest fan.

Miss Universe Canada is Saturday, August 17th. Let's all tune in and cheer Sara on!!

To learn more about Sara, here's her Miss Universe Canada page.

If you'd like to connect with Sara, you can follow her on Instagram.