Obstacle Course

The 3 Best Questions You'll Ever Hear!

Episode Summary

The plan was to talk about death with two end of life experts, Linda Hunter and Shauna Janz. And we did. But the conversation quickly turned to the beauty of life and how to live life to the fullest. What transpired is one of the most hopeful, inspiring and life giving conversations we've ever had! Lean in and embrace this rich conversation and you'll learn death doesn't need to be traumatic. You'll also learn by changing the narrative we have around death, we can transform our experience of it. We don't need to die scared and alone. We really can do death better! This! Is Obstacle Course. Let's go!

Episode Notes

Andrew mentioned we've been on, "a bit of a death kick." That was his way of saying we've had 3 death focused episodes. The other two are Episode 9 and Episode 16!

Linda and Shauna created the Deathly Matters Conference which was the focus of Episode 16!

Who here wants to see Andrew re-enact that weird yet tragic puppet show? GoFundMe?

"Grief is a learned skill." If you would like help with your grief and/or end of life conversations, you should connect with Shauna Janz here!

Linda Hunter has been talking about death since she was a little girl. If you are looking for a non anxious, wise, and kind person to help you or your family navigate your end of life journey, reach out to her!

Death smiles at us all. All we can do is smile back/re-watch Gladiator.

The 3 Best Questions you'll ever hear:

  1. What are we afraid of?
  2. What would love do here?
  3. What is the best possible thing that could happen?