Obstacle Course

Ultramarathons, Happy Gilmore and Boiled Potatoes

Episode Summary

For our landmark 20th episode, we speak with ultra-marathoner and business owner, Stacy Dittmer. Stacy talks openly about the peaks and valleys she faces in a 28hr mountain race and how the lessons she's learned on the trail have helped her navigate life off-trail. Stacy had a grin plastered on her face the entire interview (yes, she knows people think she's crazy) but she truly loves long distance running and helping others find joy in fitness! This interview, like running on a trail, is a breath of fresh air and positivity. Ready. Set. Here we go!

Episode Notes

Extra Extra Read All About it! Here's the Brandon Sun article on Stacy's amazing race!

I thought even while posting this that the app Stacy mentioned was called TrailForce. Nope.

Here's the website of the race! Scout Moutain Ultramarathon.

For more information and pictures of Stacy's past races and current challenges, Like and Follow her on Facebook! and Instagram!

Stacy Dittmer Fitness!

Stacy's mid race inspiration.

Peanut Butter and Banana is delicious so just try it already.

Speaking of delicious, Rumble Super Shakes are WAY better than Boost! Rumble and it's founder Paul Underhill were the subjects of our excellent tenth episode!

If you are struggling to find positivity in your life, get off Facebook and get into Nature. The cure for emptiness is living a full life.