Obstacle Course

Quieting the Mind through Human Connection

Episode Summary

For the past 30 years, Bob Kittell has spoken to millions, inspiring them with his messages of hope. When Bob came to town last year, Andrew emailed him and said, "Hey Bob. My friend John and I might be starting a podcast and we'd love to grab lunch with you." Amazingly, Bob said yes and we had an incredible time which included Bob practicing his TED talk on us. Bob is the real deal and his ability to inspire is legendary. In fact, he is quite literally an encyclopedia of inspiration so you may just want to listen to this episode twice! We cover anxiety, panic attacks, depression and the role of technology in all 3. Bob discovered, as you will, that human connection is the key to peace and a life well lived. This! Is Obstacle Course. Let's Go!

Episode Notes

Bob's Website!

Bob's TED Talk.

**Intro: **

Maeve! Our first interview! Episode 2. I just re-listened to it expecting to cringe. It holds up quite well. :)

Bo is super famous and we love him. Hopefully he listens to this episode and contacts us. We expect he will.

Andrew’s Company is THE Company around town.

The Royal family is in England. For the record.

Who are the Kardashians?

We are a pretty good time for lunch and we’re not famous so… buy us a burrito and maybe you can come on our show.

Let’s keep this brief. Brevity does not mean courage. That said, John’s braveness in attempting to use the word was adorable.

Episode Notes

“We objectify people by seeing them as a vehicle, obstacle or simply of no relevance.” Bob saw us as none of these things which is why he was willing to grab lunch with us.

Bob thought it was the end of the world… and it wasn’t. “Resilience is getting back up after you get knocked down and realizing everybody gets knocked down and sometimes we need to take turns helping each other back up!”

Book Alert! Loving What Is!

Article Alert! How to get rid of your repressed anger!

Adorable Alert! John had a little yellow blanket and carried it around until all that was left was a frayed tiny corner. What magical blanket or teddy bear are you carrying or chasing that you think will make you happy/secure?

Bob’s addiction was busyness! John relates to Bob. Andrew probably relates to John and Bob too but isn’t doing these shownotes.

Depression is hell. Be kind to yourself and others who are in the midst of it.

Yes, that was a phone ringing. John forgot he was recording a podcast.

The Path of No Resistance! “What do you do to get the kicker ready to kick the winning field goal in the Super Bowl? I don’t get him ready to kick the winning field goal, I get him ready to be ok either way.”

Confirmation Bias prevents honest dialogue and our own personal growth. We can do better!

Bob thought if he experienced enough external success he would be healed. This goes back to the Teddy Bear/ Blanket. What Blanket are you carrying around in hopes of gaining success?

We have no idea which politician Bob was referring to. Anyone?

Mosquitos on Cocaine. They fly high. #nailedit

Andrew forgot that Bob hasn’t stepped away from his Memory Stuff. The irony is delicious.

Panic attacks can be very frightening to experience. You may even feel like death is imminent. Instead of resisting the feeling or worse, trying to control it, you must learn to be ok with it and ultimately embrace it. Put your arm around it, like it’s a struggling friend. It’s counter-intuitive but it works. And it will go away. Cold Showers can also provide an instant mental reset.

The blue light from your computer and phone will NOT lull you to sleep. Quite the opposite. Best to avoid before bed-time.

We have 15th century brains with 21st century technology.

The greatest addictive behaviour they have created for social media is the scroll down feature. It’s like an emotional slot machine!! Nothing Nothing..I won, I won! There is a strong link between depression, anxiety and time spent on Social Media.

The most important person on the planet is the one right in front of you!

Lost Connections! This well reviewed boook looks at why you’re depressed and how to find hope!

Irrational thoughts aren’t real yet we believe them. We don’t have to believe everything we think!

Struggle is arguing with what is.

What’s the negative thought that is kicking you out of heaven?

Besides cancelling your dentist appointment, what would you do if you found out you had a year to live? Why aren’t you doing that now?

A belief is simply an opinion you refuse to reconsider.

The Unthered Soul!

That voice in your head. Unless it's paying rent, you need to evict it. Note: Voices can't pay rent, evict it.

You are not your thoughts. You are simply the observer. If this sounds like wooo wooo, look into mindfulness and meditation.

Quieting your mind is the key to peace and joy. Find your way or reach out to a trained professional for help.

The movies in your mind ARE. NOT .REAL.