Obstacle Course

Getting in Alignment

Episode Summary

In episode 48, we sit down with physiotherapist, small business owner, athlete, author and speaker, Wendy Bowen. We talk John's dislocated shoulder, Wendy's heartbreaks, Andrew's charging station and the importance of living in balance and alignment with our true self and values. Like Wendy, this conversation is fun, upbeat and full of empathy and practical wisdom. If you're feeling out of sorts in your heart, body or mind, this episode is for you!

Episode Notes

Here’s more information on the annual Goldstream Salmon Run. There’s so much beauty and wonder in nature. Get outside people! There’s beauty around every corner.

Nature is a great charging station! Leave your phone in the car and experience it distraction-free. Even if you don’t Insta your experience, it still counts!

We are thrilled to have physiotherapist, author and speaker Wendy Bowen as our guest today.

If you’ve been looking for a way to launch your business or product, consider joining BNI. There are local chapters in cities all over the world.

There is no competition on Obstacle Course. We are all connected and united by our shared obstacles both big and small.

“You can’t separate the body from the mind, spirit or soul.” -WB

Do we repeat or do we evolve? Robert Ohotto.

Caroline Myss – She’s Wendy’s No BS Spiritual Director. She wrote the book on Why People Don’t Heal.

We often learn through pain. It’s often our higher self trying to get our attention.

“The body talks to us all the time.” – WB

It’s possible injury and pain is our body’s way of trying to communicate.

For more information on our archetypes and their connection to our self-esteem, go here!

What keeps us safe as kids, doesn’t often serve us well in adulthood. WB

How to dance with our shadow archetypes.

Is your ego aligned with your soul purpose? WB

Lush Holiday Lighting

When we evolve, we go through pain. When we repeat, we suffer. Robert Ohotto

“Am I doing it from not enough? Or am I doing it because I am enough, I like myself, I love myself and I want to serve.” WB

Beware of the destination addiction and the success paradox.

Feel first, process later. WB

Joe Sakic hockey cards. Nice one Andrew

Wendy’s book, ‘Happily Ever Now’ explores her journey to her true self. Highly recommended.

If we don’t use it, we’ll lose it.

Are you a DIP? Dysfunctionally Independent Person.

Wendy has remained single as a way to avoid possible future rejection. We need to get curious and honest about our reasons for things – like Wendy was in this episode.

Are you comfortably miserable? That’s not a good thing.

Here’s a couple of shitty country songs. Porter Brothers and Bo Burnham.

If you have to choose between eating something healthy, sleep and exercise, follow this order.

We need to get back to play – if anything, as a way to stop taking ourselves so damn seriously.

Playing outside until your Mom scolds you for missing supper is a lost art in our culture. As are grass stains.

Here’s the main reason there are fewer kids playing outside.

Although Wendy is no longer taking on new patients, you can book treatments through Genoa Laser Therapy and Startline Physio.

To connect with Wendy, visit her website.