Obstacle Course

Life Undercover: The Power of Goal Setting.

Episode Summary

For 25 years, Mike Chan put his life on the line as an undercover police officer serving Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. During this time Mike also served on the gang unit and in the process became a legend for his work. Besides his excellent police work, Mike has done incredible work internally, overcoming severe childhood trauma which included his Mother's murder, his sister's suicide, becoming homeless at 16 and living with no self esteem. Refusing to be a victim, Mike has used his life to fight for the victimized including working as a school liaison officer to help combat bullying. Mike credits his lazer focus, goal setting and the strong values he received from his Mother as the secrets to his incredible success. Mike, just like Simon Young, is a strong reminder that you really can live your life with no excuses. This! Is Obstacle Course. Let's Go!

Episode Notes

Do undercover Police Officer's have to fill out expense reports for the drugs they purchase? Anyone? :)

It's never too late... to start Breaking Bad.

The dog that introduced Mike to his wife.

Here's the Cowichan Citizen article.