Obstacle Course

Feeling Light When Things Are Heavy

Episode Summary

For this special episode, John and Andrew discuss the Corona Virus -while in isolation. They discuss feeling the heaviness, lack of control and some great strategies for finding peace. They also discuss the gift of time we have been given in self isolation and the potential for this time to be one of unmatched creativity and beauty. The conversation ends with the image of a lighthouse. May we always bring the light no matter the storm. This! Is Obstacle Course. Let's keep our distance!

Episode Notes

A special thanks to Alexa Close for not being too mad at her Dad. 

More like under 8 hrs Andrew! Bam. #committed

If you want to cringe, check out our Corona comments in the intro of this episode.

Andrew's fantastic mobile bartending business is Twist of Fate Craft Cocktails.

You can find John's writings here!

Nick's fantastic episode about getting past worry, anxiety and negative self talk can be found here.

Worry feels better than helplessness but both are poor habits.

Brene Brown is a powerful voice in these times. Highly recommended.

Middle of the night anxiety? Find an anchor! Just don't wake the anchor up... :P

Here's a great new book on Winston Churchill! Highly recommended by John.

George Brewster was a WWII pilot and has the gift of gab. His excellent Remembrance Day episode can be found here. 

Hi Mom!!

Use this time in isolation to be creative and make the world a better place. 

Educate yourself. edX

What will we do with the time that we've been given?

Here's Heather's excellent episode on grief

If we can come together, this could be an unprecedented time for beautiful things to happen. 

Fighting to be positive and forcing hope are two decisions we can make right now! 

We are in complete control of our reactions. This is great news for control freaks!

We can't control the storm but we can always control the light!

Being a lighthouse keeper!

P.S. Lex found out I recorded in her bedroom and was mad for like 5 seconds and then she helped me name this episode. :)