Obstacle Course

Let's Get Spiritual: Roundtable Edition

Episode Summary

For episode 41, we hosted our first (of many) roundtable discussions on Spirituality. In this conversation, we sat down with a Preacher, a Mystic and someone who has found recently found Spirituality through trauma. The purpose of this discussion was not to define spirituality or worse, prescribe the "right" spirituality but rather describe those practices that are enriching our lives. We are very grateful to Jill Lawrence, Allen Close and Shauna Janz for tackling such a multi faceted topic. This! Is Obstacle Course. Let's Go!

Episode Notes

Note: Spirituality is a topic of great interest for many people, including John and Andrew. This episode is merely the perspective of 3 people. It is not meant to be the final word on this topic by any means and in fact we'll likely have more roundtable conversations on this topic and other topics in the future. Hope you enjoy it!

Stillness provides room for Spirit. Seek it out. Also, read Ryan Holiday's great new book!

We were honoured to interview 3 fantastic people.

Jill Lawrence

- Welcome back Jill! Jill shared her story of the power of intuition way back in episode 7!

- Jill values synchronicity as a way to understand life's experiences and believes that our thoughts and perspectives influence our experience.

- Jill doesn't believe, "everything happens for a reason." She prefers to believe, "everything is happening exactly as it was meant to happen."

-Having a positive mindset is a spiritual choice!

Allen Close

-Allen is John's MUCH older brother. God, he's old. So old. His American accent is spot on though. Well done Allen.

-Yall means, "you all." :)

-God is so much bigger than Allen once thought. This is a positive indicator that someone's faith is growing.

-Prayer is not a list. It's a conversation.

-Prayer grows from Praying At God to Talking with God to Listening to God to Being with God.

-You can't legislate kindness and morality. We can't elect someone to fix this.

-Religion without spirituality often becomes corrupt.

-God is not contained to a book or building.

-The story of the Woman caught in Adultery.

-Spirituality is not contained in our categories. It is in us and through us.

-This is the scripture that talked about, "God wiping every tear from our eyes."

-Spirituality and Religion can operate mutually exclusively of each other although if you claim to be religious but you are not spiritual, you are missing the point of your religion.

Shauna Janz

-Welcome back Shauna! Shauna shared her perspective on death back in episode 19.

-For Shauna, spirituality is Life-force. Truth niggles with her and doesn't quite land because of all of its historical baggage.

-Spirituality is relationship based with all living beings compassion.

-What are underlining values that our spirituality grounds us to?

-Religion often implies, "power over." Spirituality empowers.

-Joseph Campbell famously said, 'Follow your Bliss.' This is a great starting point for any spiritual journey. Joseph Campbell and his Hero's Journey was and continues to be the inspiration for this podcast.

A healthy Spirituality is more concerned about life than death.