Obstacle Course

Getting Curious When Life Crumbles

Episode Summary

In this harrowing episode, we sat down with Joseph Briante and discussed what led to his violent suicide attempt. As a successful lawyer with a "pimped up lifestyle," Joseph seemed to have it all. Meanwhile, a growing darkness and depression had been building. A psychotic break led to Joseph cutting his carotid artery resulting in a dramatic loss of speech and memory. For the past decade Joseph has worked his way back from death to life - including relearning speech and movement. Joseph cites curiosity and creativity as the twin engines that have kept him going and today he loves life and shares his creations with the world. This! Is Another Remarkable Obstacle Course Story. Let's Go!

Episode Notes

Here's the video of Joseph and John's powerful speeches from The Connection Project.

Here's the episode we recorded LIVE at The Connection Project.

Curious about the history behind the Connection Project? Check out our amazing interview with Emily Olson, the creator and heart behind it. 

Vulnerability is essential to making long lasting connections. 

Podcasters don't fly first class. Except for maybe Joe Rogan.

"I'm fucking fucked." But he wasn't. 

We all need a break from our false self. 

Creativity and Curiosity saved Joseph's life. They are an antidote to hopelessness. 

Stagnancy and remaining static could be the beginning of the end. We must avoid both like the plague. 

Stay with it. Change is coming. Our perception is severely limited. 

"Curiosity is my guiding principle." Joseph