Obstacle Course

Trials By Fiesty

Episode Summary

We chase down Sara Gross, two time Ironman Champion and founder of Live Fiesty Media to learn about how she embraced athletics to overcome depression, how triathlon (and sport) has evolved in the Middle East and what it's like to retire from pro sports without crashing. Also, we have a ton of laughs and eat Swedish Berries. This is Obstacle Course!

Episode Notes

Here's Sara's much anticipated Wikipedia page! This is her blog, which makes for better reading and although it may be a little dated in Sara's eyes, it shines light into what it takes to be a champion in Ironman, and you can learn a lot more about her #50womentokona pursuit.

Sara's awesome media company, Live Fiesty can be found here! There are two fantastic, maybe even award winning podcasts (fact checking required), Ironwomen and If We Were Riding. If you want to get more Sara, check out the latter podcast as that's the one she hosts. Here's an excerpt from a recent article from Sara's blog, wonderfully titled Tales From My Box:

"I’m pretty sure that most triathletes and goal-oriented people in general, have trouble letting go and resting from time to time. But without it, you won’t be able to go all in when the time comes. Recovering doesn’t mean you stop moving, it just means you move more slowly, more mindfully."