Obstacle Course

Grief is an Ocean

Episode Summary

We start this episode with the admission, "we don't like to talk about death." Yet, death is a certainty and touches us all. In this emotional episode we talk to Heather McLeod about the devastating and untimely death of her husband Brock. We discuss the importance of grief, how to support the bereaved and how to keep Brock's memory alive. We are thankful for Heather's honesty, vulnerability, openness and courage both on her blog and in this episode. Her words will serve as a lifeline for many. This! Is Obstacle Course. It's time we talked about death.

Episode Notes

Heather's blog is essential reading. Beautifully raw, honest and true. May it be a lifeline for you when you find yourself in the ocean of grief.

Final Journeys. This book was a lifeline for Brock and Heather.

VIU published one of Brock's many essays. Here's one of his best. "On Liberal Education."

The local paper published an article the month after Brock's death.

Brock's website.

Here are practical ways to keep Brock's memory alive and donate to his scholarship funds.

Brock's Facebook page in his memory.

Makaria farm.

Without life and disability insurance, Heather's current situation would be much different. We all know someone who sells insurance. Talk to them today.