Obstacle Course

Doing Death Better

Episode Summary

For this episode, we hit the road again and recorded LIVE at the Deathly Matters Conference. We spent a great day interviewing 6 industry experts on the topic of death and what resulted was a surprisingly positive and hopeful conversation that brought relief! We covered a variety of fascinating topics including embracing mystery, green burial, palliative care, medically assisted death, dementia, end of life care and most importantly, how to talk about, accept and plan for our eventual death. We conclude by reflecting on the importance of community. If you're looking for a healing and hopeful community, you've come to the right episode. This! Is Obstacle Course. Let's Go.

Episode Notes

This is the website for the Deathly Matters Conference. We're already excited for Deathly Matters 2020! This Conference is HIGHLY recommended and among the best we've attended!

Here are our wise and gracious guests in the order that they appear in the episode. You can read more about them here!

If you wish to connect with our guests for help on your own end of life journey, click on their name and you'll be directed to their website!

Ashley Mollison

Sachi Tamura

Chelsea Peddle

Chris Benesch

Dr. Rosanne Beuthin

Glenn Patterson