Obstacle Course

Dancing With Ourselves

Episode Summary

For episode 62, we sat down with Christy Greenwood, life-long student of plants, music, dance and creativity. Christy has been practicing intuitive energy work, bodywork and massage therapy for 20 years. She also offers Plants & Dance Rewilding journeys in-person and online. She lives with her husband and son in the Cowichan Valley. This! Is another incredible journey. Let's Go!

Episode Notes

Witch path are you on? 

This is what most of us think of when we hear the word witch. 

Man Up: Stifling emotions since the beginning of time.

Let's ditch the man up and inspire to the divine union! - Andrew

Dance helps me unwind knots in my psyche and digest life. -Christy

Who could forget mixed tapes? 

Don't listen to this song by Peter Cetera or Richard Marx

I love yoga but I wanted to break from the structure. So I found Kundalini Dance. - Christy

Heyyyyyy Macarena

How does the body want to move vs. How does the mind want to move the body. 

When we are rigid, we struggle to dance. 

When Zoom lags a bit it's easy to interrupt. Sorry Christy!!!

Dance with whatever is real without putting on masks. 

Andrew lies. I can't dance.

How does our body want to move in response to how we feel? We need to let our bodies dance with whatever is. 

Shake Phrase: Brwarwaraaraw

The rose teaches us how to have a sharp pointy no so we can blossom into our yes.

There's no natural remedy for Andrew's aphid joke.

Christy's kickass Quantum Physics Definition: It's the proof that magic is real. 

The more fully we can open into our grief, the less we will have to carry later.

"To sit with pain takes real courage." - John

Don't shoot the messenger. 


We need to get to soul level. 

Trust and courage dance together to alchemize fear - Christy

Can we hear more about the witch path? - Andrew 

The witch path is all about well being and betterment for the world. 

Magic is about connecting to the reality beyond logic and words. 

Soul Soil!! :) 

To connect with Christy and find out more about who she is and what she does - as well as read her gifted writing.. Go here!