Obstacle Course

Christmas, Consumerism and Kindness (plus our favourite food and films)

Episode Summary

For our 43rd and final episode of 2019, we talk Christmas! We discuss our traditions, our favourite holiday food and films, why we love Christmas and why we don't. We also cover off the history, toxicity and beauty behind gift giving. This fun/informative episode is our gift to you! Enjoy folks. :)

Episode Notes

Welcome to our first annual Christmas Episode! John LOVES Christmas, Andrew has some bitterness about it. This should be fun.

Festivus! Celebrated on December 23, it's an alternative to the commercialization of Christmas, as only the cast of Seinfeld could pull off.

Black Friday has led to the Dark side of Christmas.

Christmas is both light and dark. Sad and Happy. Family and Loneliness. It's important we are sensitive to this.

Here's the latest Hallmark controversy.

Here's the Top Christmas movies we mentioned:

  1. Home Alone

2. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

3. Scrooged

4. Love Actually

5. It's A Wonderful Life

6. The Christmas Story


7. Die Hard


Here's the food Andrew and John enjoy this time of year:

Cheese Ball: Judy's home-made creation is incredible.

Cheese Shortbread: Again, Judy's. SO damn good.

Note: Butter is better for you than hydrogenated margarine

Turkey: (and Ham).



Yorkshire Pudding:

Mashed Potatoes: Angie's crowning achievement. Garlic, cream cheese, butter. Non Lumpy.

Heres's some books we like:

Polar Express

Twas the Night Before Christmas

As far as evening wear goes, we're not big pyjama guys, we like the classic Gitch/Gotch. Apparently, we were both right on the name, it varies from Province to Province.

History of Christmas

The Knickerbockers

Don't throw mindset aside this holiday season! Be intentional about the feeling and memory you are trying to create.

Remember Cabbage Patch Kids and Beanie Babies? These weird/ugly toys took the world by storm.

Century of the Self Documentary

Choose to be kind and generous this holiday season (and all seasons). It's the only thing that matters and is always well received.

See you in 2020 everyone!! Thank you for listening. :)