Obstacle Course

Breast Cancer, Brazil and Real Beauty

Episode Summary

For episode 39, we sit down with Alyne Gomes. As a Civil Engineer, Alyne recently immigrated with her family from Brazil to Vancouver Island. Upon arriving she fell in love with the area and community. Some time later, after a self examination, Alyne discovered a lump in her breast and everything changed. In this gripping conversation we discuss matters of life and death, immigration, negating emotion, fear, health, healing and the power of living and loving in the moment. This! Is Obstacle Course. Vamoose!!

Episode Notes

Wanna join our Skywatch party? December baby.

Here's a great resource to help with your breast self examination.

Here's another great resource about the importance of Prostate exams.

Andrew's right. Death is super inconvenient. Do the exams people.

Alyne is our first Brazilian guest! John trying to learn to speak Portuguese on command was adorably awkward.

It was refreshing to hear Alyne talk about her love for Canada and it reminded us of how lucky we are to be Canadian and live on Vancouver Island!

Interested in immigrating to Canada? Here's a great place to start.

Canada is a country of immigrants which is likely why it's such a friendly country to immigrate to. Shared empathy is a powerful thing!

Once again, we're thankful to Trevor Botkin for connecting us with Alyne. Trevor's incredible episode should be required listening for everyone. Check it out! Thanks again Trevor :)

Here is Alyne's CTV story

Jason learned how to "force hope" when he was stuck in the Cave back in episode 3.

Learning to live and love in the moment was one of Alyne's most powerful realizations. She credits her wise daughter, Anafleur, for helping her do this.

Be grateful and present. This is Alyne's mantra. Alyne was even grateful for her fears as they helped her understand gratefulness.

The life and death conversation we had with Linda and Shauna is a must listen!

Scheduling time to fear can be a valuable exercise. Here's how to do it.

Want to continue the conversation? You should follow Alyne on Instagram!

Here is Alyne's CTV story again :)

Inspire Health is a fantastic organization and support network/community for people who have been touched by cancer. An essential resource that comes highly recommended by Alyne.