Obstacle Course

A Wide Open Conversation

Episode Summary

In this episode, we sit down with author D.M. Ditson and discuss her new book, Wide Open. Ms. Ditson chronicles her long journey through multiple sexual assaults, PTSD, the policeman who finally believed her and how she was able to over- come shame and experience joy and forgiveness again. This! Is Obstacle Course. Let's Go!

Episode Notes

Ms. Ditson's website! Go here to order her book, read her blog, check out her live events and read her life saving self care tips.

Sorry for the rather jarring f-bombs in the intro but they weren't our words. Road rage is a real thing, unfortunately. Respect is the key moving forward. Also, don't be late like Sarah. Hi Sarah.

John's Streak App. He is currently at 0 streaks not because he doesn't have any good habits OK but because he has yet to begin the habit of tracking his good habits. The irony is thick.

The collapse of honest conversation in our culture is tragic for many reasons, forcing those who have been victimized to keep secrets and live in shame. We need to provide safe spaces for people to share. We are grateful for Ms. Ditson's willingness to share so openly.