Obstacle Course

The Big Blue House: A Place to Call Home

Episode Summary

For episode 37, we sit down with Terry Edison Brown. Terry grew up in an abusive home and as a teenager he left to find safety and belonging. His journey took him to the streets where he lived homeless and addicted for years. One day he heard about a Big Blue House in Victoria called Anawim. Upon arriving, he found everything. A Place To Call Home. This episode will touch your heart as it is our shared human search for love and belonging! This! Is Obstacle Course. Let's go!

Episode Notes


Mirror Mirror on the wall, John's obviously the fairest of them all.

We're considering taking Obstacle Course to YouTube. Thoughts?

Would you say the same things to others that you say to yourself?

Do you have the mind flu? Take action!

In his Episode, Andrew opened up about his struggle with self worth. If you haven't listened to it yet, do it!!

When the adventure stops, the number goes down!!

Justin Noa!! Love ya buddy :)

Andrew owes John at least $20. As of press time, the Edmonton Oilers are Top 5 in the League and well over .500. Eat shit Andrew. Sucka.


Episode Notes:

A huge thanks to Trevor Botkin for connecting us with today's guest, Terry Edison Brown. Trevor's remarkable episode should be required listening for all human beings. We tackle addiction head on. Give it a listen!

Anawim House Victoria is a house for the homeless. Going beyond shelter, it helps people learn to live again. It's doing remarkable life changing work and they are always looking for volunteers!

Trauma is the #1 reason why someone becomes homeless. Addiction often keeps them there. The revolutionary work of Gabor Mate is essential for anyone wanting to know more about the link between homelessness, trauma, mental illness and addiction.

Eye contact with another human being communicates this: You Matter. Once the contact is made, you're engaged, connected and invested.

A safe place to belong and be loved is our most basic human need.

Terry's phrase, "unfucking what I fucked," is the inspiration for our forth coming T-Shirt idea, UnFuck Zone. Hey, we're entrepreneurs. Why the hell not. :)

Stuart Smiley! "I'm good enough,, I'm smart enough and doggone it, people like me."

Come Home. The two words every human being needs to hear.

If you are moved by Terry's story and the work of Anawim House, please consider giving of your time or your money! If those are unavailable to you, please share this episode on your social media and leave a 5 star review on iTunes so others can benefit.